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   Product Display:
Pure Titanium & Titanium Alloy PipeMaterial: TA1 TC4 TC11Machining Range of Titanium Alloy Pipe: External diameter Φ3-150MM, internal diameter Φ1.5-140MM (high pressure resistance)
TA1 TA2,TC4 GR5 Titanium IngotCharacteristics: Independent preparation of material; chemical composition, hardness as well as content of impurities can be adjusted.
Pure Titanium TA1毛棒Speficaiton: Φ8-300MM*5000MM Standard: GB/T2965 GB/T13810
Speficaiton: δ0.5-100MM*50-400MM*1500MM Can be made according to the requirements of the customers
GR7 GR23 TA9,TA10, 15333 Titanium Alloy Ingot Special alloy can be made according to the requirements of the customers, such as special alloy of TI80 for vessel.
Titanium Ball Valve We offer titanium components of all specifications and materials and can customize non-standard components according to the drawing provided by the customers.
Titanium Mesh (Lath: standard of diamond mesh being δ0.6-3*12.5*4.5MM) Weaving Mesh: (Standard of square mesh being Φ0.03-3*10*10MM) Specification can be customized
Material of Ornamental Titanium Bead (Titanium Ball): GR2 GR23 TC4 GR5 Specification: Φ2-12MM Standard: GB/T13810 ASTM F67 F136
Titanium Alloy Bar: TC4 TC6 TC11 GR5 GR7 TI-6AL-4V, etc. Standard: GB/T2965 GB/T13810 Specification: Φ8-300MM
Titanium Wire (welding Wire, Hanger Wire) Material: TA1 TA2 TC4 Specification: Φ0.1-7MM Standard: GB/T3623
Titanium Target of 99.8% Purity Specification: φ100*45 Pipe Target: Φ70*7 Plate Target: δ6-20*200*2000MM
GR2 Titanium Conductive Belt: δ0.9*12.7*100 m, δ0.63*6.3*100 (With coating)
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