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    Quality System
Metallography detection rating, titanium material structure, the grain size rating. Chemical composition analysis, detection of titanium content and impurity content.
High low tissue detection, detection of titanium micro crystal structure. Mechanical properties testing, detection of titanium material tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and shrinkage properties.
   Quality report:
Quality Assurance:
 In order to establish a quality assurance system, the company will gradually improve the following quality system of product:
 Inspection system of raw and auxiliary materials

Inspection system of middle processes

 Inspection system of raw and auxiliary materials Inspection system of finished and semi-finished products
 Product quality responsibility system Accident management system of product quality
 Defects return system of product quality Inspection system of product quality
 Statistical system of product quality Feedback system of product quality, etc
While strengthening product quality inspection and supervision, the company pays adequate attention to the procurement control procedures of raw and auxiliary materials, control procedures of outsourcing product manufacturing, and management & control procedures of production process, and compiles product quality manual to provide document basis for the operation of product quality assurance system. The company may appoint the Northwest Supervision and Inspection Center for the detection of raw and auxiliary materials, as well as composition and property of products.
Introduction of Northwest Supervision and Inspection Center:
Northwest Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Nonferrous Metal Industry in China (Northwest Supervision and Inspection Center for short) is a supervision and inspection organization of nonferrous quality established upon approval of the headquarters of China Nonferrous Metal in 1987, with fair status of the third party authorized by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision and Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau of Shaanxi. In 1989, it passed the examination and got approval from he headquarters of China Nonferrous Metal; certified through the measurement organized by the State Bureau of Technical Supervisions; and obtained a certificate of national measurement.
Quality Inspection
The company ensures quality of product for delivery strictly with a complete test methods, all kinds of mechanics, spectral analysis, nondestructive testing measurement equipment, and a complete quality assurance system from factory entry of raw material to manufacturing, process testing, product inspection and after-sales service". “Quality First, Safe & Reliable, Abiding by Contract, and Customer Satisfaction" is a quality policy we’ve been taking.
   Quality Policy

Making sustained efforts to provide customers with better products and more perfect services.

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